Introducing the world's most stylish steak knife.

Inspired by a surgeon's scalpel this steak knife is a precision instrument nimble enough to effortlessly tackle any cut of meat.

The generous grooves in the handle are ground by hand to achieve an incredibly tactile finish and secure grip.

Ergonomic details throughout the design lead to a feeling of total comfort in hand with a satisfying weight to match.

This unique and striking design is made to the highest standards possible by Stuart Mitchell, a master knife maker with over 35 year's experience.

Each Skalpel is handmade by Stuart in Sheffield, the home of stainless steel. 

Made from a solid section of stainless Sheffield steel Skalpel has been tirelessly engineered and prototyped to a size, weight and scale that sits perfectly in hand. 

Skalpel is constructed from a high carbon, surgical grade stainless steel that stays sharper for longer.

The 8mm thick SF100 steel is steel with a story, specially commissioned by Stuart to honour the centenary of Harry Brearley's creation of the first rustless steel or what we now more commonly refer to as stainless steel.

We are incredibly passionate about our product and to make sure each knife is given the right amount of time to create we have a limited production of 100 units per month.

So, whether you're a lover of minimalist design or simply just love a great steak this is a must have for your kitchen, and will always be a conversation starter at your dinner table.

"The most elegant knife I have ever seen" - Lorry Liau, GQ
"British blade-makers from Sheffield can still do incisive design" - Josh Fehnert, Monocle