A Steak Knife with Added Edge


Inspired by the precision of a surgeon's scalpel our steak knife is nimble and sharp enough to effortlessly tackle any cut of meat.

Measuring at just over 8 inches long, Skalpel has been tirelessly engineered and prototyped to a size, weight and scale that sits perfectly in hand.

Generous and distinctive grooves in the handle provide satisfying grip and control.

Skalpel’s smooth edge blade means this knife won’t drag and tear your meat when slicing, unlike a serrated blade.


Each knife is made from scratch by the highly skilled hands of Stuart Mitchell, a master knife maker with over 35 year's experience.

Every knife passes through the following meticulous stages:

  • Heat treatment 

  • Deep freezing 

  • Rough grinding of the bevels and grooves 

  • Glazing at 80 grit 

  • Glazing at 120 grit 

  • Fine glazing at 240 grit 

  • Fine glazing at 400 grit 

  • Hand grinding the grooves 

  • Preliminary hand rubbing 

  • Sharpening/Whetting the blade edge 

  • Final hand rubbing the satin polish 

  • Stropping the final blade edge

Stuart will pick up and put your knife down over 60 times before he’s ready for it to leave his workshop.

This level of attention to detail results in a luxurious knife with a level of finish that could not be finer.


Skalpel is constructed from a high carbon, surgical grade stainless steel that stays sharper for longer.

The 8mm thick SF100 steel is steel with a story, specially commissioned by Stuart to honour the centenary of Harry Brearley's creation of the first rustless steel or what we now more commonly refer to as stainless steel.

If cared for properly a knife of this quality will last a lifetime.


Our customers appreciate great design and great cuts of meat.

Skalpel is a mixture of contemporary design and traditional knife making values that leads to a finished product that’s always a talking point at the dinner table.

"The most elegant knife I have ever seen" - Lorry Liau, GQ

"British blade-makers from Sheffield can still do incisive design" - Josh Fehnert, Monocle